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About Me

Quick Introduction

I am current a EECS graduate student at UC Berkeley.

My research specialization is in computer vision and augmented reality. I am currently working in the UC Berkeley Vive Center under the supervision of Prof. S. Shankar Sastry and Dr. Allen Yang

In my free time I enjoy sailing, photography, and music festivals. You can check out some of my work below or on Instagram @billzhou.png

My resume is located below.

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North Preview


North Preview

Software Engineering Intern - Facebook

May 2018 - August 2018

  • I was a member of the Search NLP team working to develop distributed memory capabilities. The goal is being able to retrieve NLP models from distributed memory on demand rather than preload into local memory
North Preview

Software Engineering Intern - Google

May 2016 - August 2016

  • I was a member of the Local Discovery team developing unsupervised language models to capture latent sentiments in user reviews. The goal is to use user reviews a signal to infer attributes (feels_romantic, has_all_you_can_eat, good_for_college_students, ect.) for businesses on Google Maps. I developed neural network to featurize 5.5 million English review texts into continuous low dimensional vectors.
  • By adding user reviews as a signal, we increased Google Maps' attribute coverage by 14 million across 400,000 unique businesses. The feature directly impacts quality of related places suggestions and local queries.
North Preview

Software Engineering Intern - Salesforce

May 2016 - August 2016

  • I was a member of the Core Infrastructure Department working to develop a new continuous deployment pipeline. Salesforce's traditional container design can no longer effectively support large package deployments to data centers. If engineers were to deploy updates with current solution, they risk overstressing the load balancer and causing a drop in service quality during these updates.
  • To address this, I developed “linked containers” to share common dependencies between multiple application containers while maintaining mutual isolation. At the same time, I upgraded production host installation engine with multithreading capabilities to install up to five packages simultaneously. The new solution reduced Salesforce core app (~9 GB) deploy time by up to 40%.

Technical Projects

Assorted projects created with various technologies | Designed to tackle real world problems

Team Member


Augmented Reality

Enabling fluid human hologram interaction in 3D space

Team Member


Traffic Hazard Detection

Cross platform real-time traffic hazard classification using a sole optical sensor

Team Member

Image Manager

Cross-platform capable

Streamlining yearbook publication's photo handling workflow and eliminating human errors

Team Member

Pengram AR


Enabling field workers to collaborate with remote experts through augmented reality technology

My video

Photo Portfolio Preview

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